Tailored to your needs

DiveWell coaches offer individualized education, equipment selection strategies, and dive travel planning to meet your specific needs.

A traditional retail dive shop provides training as a means to drive equipment sales.  The basic certification agencies emerged to support that business model, minimizing liability while allowing equipment retailers to drive sales through training. This approach has many drawbacks for the individual diver. The instructor who should objectively teach optimal equipment selection is constrained by the shop’s dependence on equipment sales revenue and necessarily limited selection. A diver’s development becomes a means of ensuring often unnecessary or duplicative equipment sales.  Training time becomes an expense to be minimized, or broken up into multiple and often contradictory classes.  Profitable gadgets replace costly skills development. Training standards, established by the basic agencies, steadily decline to ensure an expanding customer base.

Our 21st Century approach is different, focused on fully preparing you for safe and affordable underwater adventure. This begins with solid and complete instruction, from introductory scuba experiences to the most advanced diving.  No dangerous shortcuts, nothing to re-learn or re-purchase as your diving skills and interests expand.  No substituting fallible equipment for reliable skills. No false distinctions between “beginner” and “advanced” equipment encouraging unnecessary purchases.

Yes, we provide equipment- and recommend other sources if they offer you better value.  We stress Diving Well, providing an education that goes beyond mere “training” to prepare you for safe underwater adventures. This includes teaching you how gain the most return on your investment and outfitting consultations that support sound purchases from us, from reputable local equipment retailers, and from authorized on-line retailers. And it culminates in helping you plan your own expeditions, local or exotic.

to Divewell Scuba Coaching, PSAI’s Eastern Seaboard Region Instructor Training Facility. Our individualized Education, Outfitting, and Expedition services have only one purpose:  helping you to dive well.

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Courses Underway

Summer weather is here.  We have Open Water, Deep, and Nitrox courses underway with more to follow.  As always, we schedule private and semi-private classes on demand.  

Ask us about the Divewell difference.  It’s true the instructor makes the difference if the curriculum is the same.  But Divewell’s superior instructors and PSAI’s superior curriculum surpass anything the basic agencies can offer.


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