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Scuba Diving is an equipment-intensive activity. The scuba unit and much of the other gear a diver requires is life support equipment.  The quality, configuration, and proper use of scuba equipment is inseparable from a safe and enjoyable underwater experience. DiveWell and PSAI believe that specific equipment and configuration choices are best left to the informed individual diver. We teach you how to choose equipment and obtain the best return on your investment. The principles of equipment selection and configuration as practiced in extended range diving provide the basis for such choices. They apply to the first-time diver and the advanced cave diver alike.  This site contains a nice summary of the tradeoffs between a typical open water equipment configuration and the  extended range diving configuration that supports diving well.  And yes, DiveWell can arrange training in cave diving as one of the many advanced forms of instruction that PSAI offers.

Basic Rules for Scuba Equipment:

Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it accessible, keep it dependable.  YOU are the most important component of your dive gear.