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Scuba Coaching

All divers are not created equally.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and different ways of learning. All too frequently, too, divers emerge from basic agency courses still uncertain of or uncomfortable with what they have learned.

Divewell Coaches can help- in fact some of our best divers were referred by other shops or instructors who proved unable to teach them.  Our clients also include some of those same instructors, seeking to address the real problem. That problem, in most cases, is not the diver.  It is a problem with the basic agency curriculum and instructors who, as products of that curriculum, do not have the knowledge of diving and teaching necessary to meet individual needs. Don’t take our word for it.  Check out any scuba diving magazine and notice the adds for programs that certify a relatively new diver as an instructor in a few weeks.  This is why the first year dropout rate for newly trained divers is so high- rumored at 80% across the industry.  

If you have had problems learning scuba, have special concerns about your ability to learn to dive, have doubts after a basic agency training course, or simply want to learn to dive properly from the start, please consult our coaches.  You are the clientele DiveWell Scuba seeks to serve.